The 2018 SGC Awards Banquet

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The annual awards banquet os the SGC for 2018 was held at the Rovers restaurant in Kirkland on November 3.  It was a well attended event and was as usual an occasion to swap stories about this year’s experiences in the wide world of soaring.

So here are this year’s recipients of the various awards:

Special Recognition for

Ron Clark  - for being the 2018 OLC champion in Region 8

            (3,264.67 points for his 6 best flights).

Greg Mecklenburg - for the best 2018 OLC flight in Region 8

            (701.66 km through the smoke filled skies of Montana, also second place for OLC champion with 3,236.17 points)..

Marlene Nelson  - for outreach and community growth by co-organizing the 2018 PSSA – Evergreen event at Bergseth.

James Cooper  - for outreach and community growth by co-organising 2018 PSSA – Evergreen event at Bergseth.

Eric Haupt – for dedicated work instructing for both Evergreen and PSSA soloing and licensing three new pilots in 2018.

Bob Stoney – for outstanding tow pilot service to three NW clubs (ES, PSSA and SGC).

Heinz Gehlhaar – for outstanding service to the SGC over a lifetime of soaring.

Nelson Funston – for outstanding service to the SGC over a lifetime of soaring.


Cascade Conquest Award:

Kelvyn Flavall – for two Cascade crossings on May 14, 2018.

Phil Rose – for a flight form Arlington to Ephrata on May 22, 2018.

Ron Clark – for 3 flights on July 22, 23 and 26 (double crossing each time).


The Clodbuster Award:

Brad Pattison – for not one but two off-field landings in 2017 that failed to be noticed and properly recognized.

Nikolay Ilduganov – for landing out first at Mansfield airfield and than in a fallow field during the 2018 ES encampment in Ephrata WA.  Well done!


Student Achievement Award:

Kentaro McCann – for completing his first solo on July 29, 2018 at Arlington airport under the supervision of CFIG Eric Haupt.


Safety Award:

Kevin Finke – for fostering a culture of safety by preparing annual safety briefings and working to safely train cross-country soaring pilots at the annual Dust-up.


Unsung Heros:

Lynn Wymann – for relocating the DG-1000 trailer to Ephrata in support of Phil Rose’s Cascade crossing flight.


SGC Tow Pilot of the Year:

Chris Pratz – for his 62 tows to kick start the 2018 Ephrata season.


Ellensburg Altitude Trophy:

Craig Funston – for an altitude gain of 14,232 ft on a flight from Ephrata on July 1, with a maximum altitude of 17,862 ft.


Cloyd Artmann Memorial Award (most outstanding flight or pioneering effort):

Brad Pattison – for his double circumnavigation of Mount Rainier on Sept. 28 under less than ideal conditions.


Arnold J. Carson Memorial Award (longest flight in the Columbia Basin in 2018):


Craig Funston – for a flight from Ephrata on July 29 of 592.3 km.


Columbia Basin Broken Leg Award (2+ turn points):

Ken Merrill  - for an FAI triangle of 490.0 km out of  Deer Park WA on July 29, (also the second longest flight 2018 in Washington  with S77.7 km).


SGC Honor Award:

Jim McNeil – for his long and outstanding service to the SGC as our secretary and webmaster.  In so many ways Jim’s service to the SGC make our life as a soaring community possible.  Thanks Jim!


Congratulations to all the recipients of these awards!