Welcome to Evergreen Soaring!

Evergreen Soaring is a not-for-profit flying club operating in Washington State. We fly gliders, also known as sailplanes, and have joined together to own and operate the aircraft and equipment needed to enjoy our sport.

We are an association of diverse individuals with one thing in common: the love of soaring.

Schedule a Demo Ride!

A glider demo ride will offer you the thrill of a lifetime!

Evergreen Soaring offers several types of demonstration flights for those who wish to experience soaring in unpowered gliders. Flights are conducted at the Arlington Municipal Airport.

You'll fly with an FAA-certificated Commercial Pilot in a two-place glider, starting with an aerotow behind the Piper Pawnee tow plane. The flight will last anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes depending on the flight option selected and soaring conditions.

Intro Lesson

Evergreen Soaring offers introductory lessons for those who wish to become glider pilots. An introductory lesson gives you an opportunity to experience a glider flight, during which you will learn the basics of a soaring flight and handling the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of a FAA Certificated Glider Flight Instructor.

Club Fleet

Evergreen Soaring operates a fleet of two towplanes and six gliders. With two powerful tugs and a diverse mix of primary trainer to advanced cross-country capable gliders, members have access to aircraft that best suits their needs.

About Soaring

The freedom and exhilaration of soaring are incomparable! By using currents of rising air for lift, you can fly hundreds of miles over several hours on a good soaring day.

Soaring is also known as gliding - one of the oldest forms of flying. People were flying gliders for many years before powered airplanes came about, including the Wright Brothers! In the early days, a glider-ride usually meant a short flight, probably launched from a hilltop. Today we fly sailplanes: high performance aircraft that can stay aloft for long periods of time, and all with no motor!

"Evergreen Soaring exists to create and support excellent cross-country soaring pilots and to maximize their access to great soaring experiences."
- mission statement

What's New

The 2019 SGC Award Banquet

Willy Burhen Cup (WBC) 2019

Sept 29 saw the end of the 2019 OLC year and thus the end of the Willy Burhen Cup (WBC)  2019.  This annular informal competition – for the best west side XC flight by any pilot in the state of Washington in a given OLC year – has been run since 2004, the year Willy Burhen left us. It has done much to demonstrate the soaring potential west side of the state besides offering spectacular scenery from the glacier capped North Cascades to the shores of Puget Sound.  The winner of the WBC 2019 was once again Ron Clark with his LS-3 that does not show any signs of aging.

Soaring in the Alps

Here is another report from Thomas van de Velde about his yearly excursion to St. Auban - the French Soaring Center in the French Alps.

Methow Valley Encampment 2019

After a number of highly successful and popular Twisp encampments this year's encampment was moved 8 miles upriver to the Methow Valley airport - it has a long runway, lots of tie-down area and wide open surrounding fields for any eventualities.

It was the first glider event at this Washington State airport, which is also home of the Forest Service Fire Fighting/ Smoke Jumper base. Fortunately there was no firefighting activity, glider operations worked without a hitch, and I think we are welcome to return next year.

First operation in 2019

We had our first operation in 2019. For training, perfect weather. Not too cold, no rain and light winds. Ivan was the instructor of the day, David was the Field Manager making sure we had a smooth running operation.

It was not just us who were out flying, the airport was busy with fixed wing, helicopter and even Lear jet traffic. At one point there was a helicopter, an ultra-lite, a hombuild, a glider and me on final. But it all worked out, situational awareness kept us save. I don't think a traffic tower could have handled the traffic any better.

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