The 2012 Seattle Glider Council Awards

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The annual awards banquet of the Seattle Glider Council GC) took place on November 3 at the usual place, Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union.  It was the usual get-together of soaring addicts in the Northwest at the end of the season and it attracted also quite a number of Evergreen members.  Besides swapping old stories about flying experiences and hoped for new achievements the banquet was the occasion to recognize the various achievements and contributions made this year in the greater Seattle area (which sometimes extends to the Region 8). Quite a few Evergreen members, who are also members of the SGC, were among the recipients of these awards:


Cloyd Artmann Trophy (for outstanding flights or pioneering achievements):

Brad Hill  (for developing, building and flying the Tetra sailplane)


Col. Basin Broken Leg Award (for the greatest distance flown in the Columbia Basin):

Nelson Funston  (for a 671.3 km flight on July 1 from Ephrata)


Joe Robertson Altitude Award  (for the highest altitude reached in soaring flight):

Craig Funston  (for a flight on June 14 from Ephrata reaching 17,814 ft)


Tow Pilot of the Year  (for providing the most tows for the SGC):

Ted Goble  (for making 132 towing flights in Ephrata)


The popular Clodbuster award  (for landing out on a local flight):

John Gilbert

Fred Hermanspann

Paul Adriance (with a student)

Chris Young


The Pacific NW Safety award  (for contributing to flying safety or teaching efforts):

Mark Nyberg  (for long time organizing flying safety and CFIG seminars)


The SGC Honor award (for outstanding service to the soaring community):

Kevin Finke and Noel Wade  (for thinking outside of the box in developing and executing the successful Dust-Up process)


Appreciation Awards (for dedication and efforts given to our sport):

Steve Northcraft

Jim Simmons

Kevin Finke

Noel Wade

Ron Bellamy

Keith Purvues

Linda Chism

Nelson Funston


For the full story on the SGC banquet check the November/ December 2012 issue of Towline, the SGC newspaper.


So, congratulations to all the recipients and get ready for the next season!