2013 Update of Joe Patton Milestone

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Since 2005 Evergreen Soaring recognizes (and encourages) upcoming club XC pilots by listing the first reasonably documented soaring flight that includes a straight line distance of at least 50 km in Western Washington. This is in recognition of the memory of Joe Patton who very much encouraged such flying and who left us much too early.

This is really a somewhat watered down Silver Badge distance condition, generally regarded as the beginning of a XC soaring career.  The DG-1000 group of the SGC Foundation requires actually the Silver Badge to fly the DG-1000 as PIC.  And as an additional goal – nobody has yet gained the full Silver Badge on the west side.

Listing of these first tentative XC flights is meant to indicate that the pilot concerned has actively cut the apron strings that keep too many pilots in close vicinity of Arlington (or similar airfields) and documents a liberating step to west side XC flying.

2013 saw 4 new additions to this milestone list:





from where to where

Travis Brown

May 14


Cultus Mt. to Haystack Mt.

Movses Babayan

May 14


Lake McMurray toSultan Ridge

Phil Rose

May 14


AWO to Stevens Pass

Chris Klix

June 22


Suiattle Mt. to Mt. Pilchuck


Chris Klix has (of course) flown such a distance from AWO quite a few times before but never with any documentation.

So for all those that have made the list – don’t stop here; for all others, take this as an incentive to explore the beautiful surroundings of Arlington!