The 2017 Awards Banquet

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November 4, 2017 saw the well attended annual SGC awards banquet at the Wilde Rover restaurant in Kirkland.  After enjoying a lively social hour and a nice dinner it was time for the awards and trophies to be handed out by awards chairman Craig Funston.  Evergreen Soaring members were well represented.  So here are the various winners:

Special Certificate (expression of appreciation for the dedication and effort given to our sport)

                                    Steve Northcraft,


                                    Jim Simmons,


                                    Heinz Gehlhaar,


                                    Lennart Edvinson,


                                    Chris Gunther.




Student achievement Matt Allen (15 years old)


Safety Award                        Noel Wade (Ephrata safety video, etc.)

Unsung Hero Award Jim McNeil (long standing service as webmaster and secretary)

Tow pilot                    Duane Bahr (85 SGC tows)

Joe Robertson Altitude Trophy                  

Bill Ling (17, 649 ft with a gain of 13,927ft , Ephrata, 6/21)

Off-field landing        Bill Ling (same flight as above)

Cloyd Artmann Memorial Award  

Ron Clark   4 day soaring excursion to Walla Walla and Ephrata and back to Arlington (5/26 to 6/29)

Arnold J.Carson Memorial Award

Ron Clark  (628 km from Twisp on 6/28)

CBSA Broken Leg Trophy             

Ron Clark  (611 km from Twisp on 6/30)

Cascade Conquest Award


                                   Ron Clark  (Arlington to Walla Walla on 5/26) and


                                                                        (Ephrata to Arlington on 5/29)


                                    Phil Rose/ Paul Adriance (Arlington to nr. Davenport


                                                                                    and Ephrata  on 5/26)


                                    F. Hermanspann/ K. McCrary (Arlington to Ephrata on 5/26)




SGC Honor Award   (outstanding service to the soaring community)


Movses Babayan


Additional achievements:


                                    Kelvyn Flavall             2 WS records (305 mi free tri, 210 mi OR),


                                                                        759 km triangle from Ely NV, FAI diplome




                                    Thomas V d Velde      Silver badge on 1/28 from Arlington




                                    Ron Clark                    “longest” flight (8:24 hrs., Twisp on 6/29)




                                    Rudy Allemann           60 years of competitive XC soaring.




The evening concluded with some more story telling and appreciation for Mike Newgard for organizing the banquet.








Roger Frank 300 km Speed Trophy          


                                    Stu Larrimore              91.0 mph (handicapped), Mackay on 8/1