The 2019 SGC Award Banquet

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November 9 was the occasion for the annual SGC Awards Banquet at the Wilde Rover restaurant in Kirkland.  Some 45 pilots and family members participated and enjoyed some good food and some nice slides from our addiction.  As usual it was a cheerful social occasion to renew old friendships, tell some new (and some not so new) stories and to celebrate the winners of the various awards.


So here are the awards and the 2019 winners:


Special Appreciation Award

            Heinz Gehlhaar         For his many years of support and dedication to the SGC.

            Movses Babayan and Kevin Finke (“Team DustUp”)

                                                For their continuing support and management of the annual

                                                DustUp event at Ephrata.


SGC ClodbusterAward

            Robert Seccombe      For his off-field landing in the Methow Valley during the

                                                Methow expedition.


Special OLC Achievement Award

            Ron Clark                  2019 OLC Champion for Region 8 with 3567.4 total points

                                                for 6 flights from AWO and Methow; also best flight west

                                                of the Cascades with a flight from AWO with 560.7 points.


Special Achievemnet Award

            Greg Mecklenburg    Fastest OLC Speed League Flight for Region 8 on Aug.19,

                                                134.0 km/h over 335.0 km from the Flying Y Ranch/ MO.


Special Achievemnet Award

Kelvyn Flavall           2019 SGC OLC Club Performance Leader – 16,467.7 points for 40 flights from several airports in the US and New Zealand for an average OLC speed of 111.5 km/h.

Also of note are two Washington State distance records for flights made in 2018 but made official only in 2019.


Special Achievement Award

Greg Mecklenburg    For his efforts to bring back the Blanik L-13 from “dead” after it being grounded by AD 2010-18-05 (including two fascinating Soaring Magazine articles)


Arnold J. Carson Memorial Award

            Craig Funston           For a 794.8 km (496.5 km FAI) flight out of Ephrata on

                                                July 20, 2019.



Cloyd Artmann Memorial Award

            Brad Pattison, Ron Clark and Kevin Finke

For their pioneering effort in researching, organizing and coordinating the successfull  Methow State soaring

encampment during June of 2019.


Towpilot of the Year Award

            Linda Chism              For the most tows (83) in support of the 2019 Ephrata                                                          operation.


Student Pilot Achievement Award

Terence Smith           Terence started flight lessons with Evergreen in

                                    October 2019 and achieved first solo on 5/11/2019. He

                                    earned both A and B badges and after 74 flights he

                                    obtained his private pilot license on 9/21/2019.


SGC Honor Award

Nelson Funston          For his long service to the SGC and the general soaring

community, most recently as 2018 Region 8 contest director.

Thanks Nelson, you are an inspiration for all of us!



Thus ended the 2019 soaring season for the SGC, and the 67th annual banquet.  Lets keep the spirits soaring and work on another memorable season!