Club Fleet

Club Fleet

Evergreen Soaring operates a fleet of two towplanes and six gliders. With two powerful tugs and a diverse mix of primary trainer to advanced cross-country capable gliders, members have access to aircraft that best suits their needs.

Tow Planes

The club operates two Piper PA-25 Pawnee towplanes. PA-25 was originally designed as an agricultural aircraft, but is widely used as a towplane worldwide. Lightweight and with lots of power, flown by great club tow pilots, they are the workhorses of the club.


Primary Trainer Gliders

Evergreen Soaring has two LET L-23 Super Blanik trainer gliders. They are used for primary instruction, introductory lessons and demonstration flights. They feature complete dual controls and dual instruments. Many people take their first flight with Evergreen Soaring in one of these aircraft.

Advanced Trainer / Solo Gliders

Ready to solo? Evergreen Soaring has two LET L-33 Solo gliders. Originally conceived as an entry into the "World Class" glider class in the mid 90s, the L-33 Solo is a modern medium performance single seat glider. It provides a good flying experience and is available to club pilots for local and cross-country flights.

High Performance / Cross Country Gliders

Ready for some cross country flights? Evergreen Soaring provides access to two high performance gliders:

The Grob 103 Twin Astir was a two-seat development of the Standard Class Astir CS. Twin Astir has full glass-reinforced plastic construction. It has full dual controls and dual instruments, and provides a medium-high performance enabling cross country mentoring and dual cross country flights.

The Glaser Dirks DG-300 is a standard class high-performance single seat glider built of glass-reinforced plastic. Being an agile and good climber, having a superb view from the cockpit and excellent comfort, DG-300 is a fantastic cross-country machine available to higher time club pilots.


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