Club Membership

Club Membership

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Club Membership provides you with access to Club Fleet, Instruction and Towing, as well as vibrant community of fellow soaring pilots. 

Evergreen Soaring is an affiliated chapter of the Soaring Society of America, hence all ES members must be members of the SSA. Proof of SSA Membership (copy of receipt or assigned SSA member number must be provided as part of the ES membership application process.

In addition to joining the SSA, all club members must pay monthly dues - and a flight fee for use of the club's gliders.  We strive to keep costs low, and also offer special rates for families, students, and other considerations.  For more information about costs, please see the rates and fees page.

Evergreen Soaring has some of the lowest membership costs of any glider club in the country, and we support this through volunteerism amongst our members.  For the club to flourish, membership support beyond your dues is imperative. Traditionally, this support has taken different forms with different people, but there are some goals.

We ask that:

  • All members support the club financially by paying their dues;
  • All members endeavor to improve their flying abilities;
  • All members put some time into helping out on the field whenever they come out to fly - or at special events and projects
  • All members read the volunteer-wanted list to donate time using their abilities or enthusiasm;

Perhaps most importantly, it is hoped that the members retain their individuality and enthusiasm for the club. That is the way the club has managed to prosper so far. Many of the experienced members have put in years of hard work to make the club the success it is today. It is up to the new membership to take on the responsibilities of the future.

Some new members will jump in quickly and assume a lot of responsibility, while others like to hang back for a while and get to know things well before they lend a hand. Do what works best for you. But a note of caution: please ask another club member to advise you if you are not certain how to do something correctly. There are a lot of procedures which, although seemingly simple, can cause great damage to equipment or personnel if done incorrectly. Operating in the safest manner possible is every member's duty.

Membership Status Levels

Full Member - Active Status All dues and Flight Fees are reasonably current.  SSA membership is current.  Member is entitled to all benefits of ES as defined in the Constitution and Bylaws, including voting at the annual or special meetings.

Full Member - Special A limited number of active members provide tow pilot and/or glider flight instruction services to club members.  All fees and SSA membership must remain current and Special members are assigned regular duty in recognition of a specified benefit of membership fees reimbursements. Special members are still paying glider use fees if they use club fleet for personal flights.

Social Member - Social Members may include previously active members, non-flying family members, honorary life members, or just “friends of ES”.  Social members do not have PIC privileges in club aircraft.


Full Members may be placed on a NO FLY LIST should their SSA membership lapse, their financial obligations to ES are in arrears, or for cause determined by the Board of Directors.  Full Members on the NO FLY LIST will remain there for 30 days (or until the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors following their placement on the list) until proof of SSA membership is provided and/or their obligations to the club is satisfied.  Members on the NO FLY LIST for other reasons are subject to the conditions placed by the Board.  Members not meeting the requirements for removal from the NO FLY LIST within the timeframe will be either resigned involuntarily or placed on Social Member status.  Former members desiring to regain Full Member status will be subject to a $75 reinstatement fee and will require written request to the Board and approval of the Board of Directors.

Requests for change in status

Members desiring to resign or change to social status must do so in a written or email request to the Board of Directors.  Members will accrue charges until such a request is received and acted upon by the Board of Directors.

Membership Application

Please fill out and submit the online application form. Your application will be reviewed by the Evergreen Soaring Board and you will be notified with results.



 If you have further question or would like to discuss the membership with someone in the club, please contact us through the form below.


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