Club Rates & Fees

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Although we strive to keep these updated, ES reserves the right to change all rates and fees without prior notice.

Membership Fees


Membership Type

Initiation Fee

Monthly Dues

SSA (Required by all members)-$72.00/year
SSA Youth member-$42.00/year
NOTE: NOTE: When joining, new members are responsible for paying the appropriate Initiation fee, first month's dues, and hold a current membership in the SSA. Do not pay the Evergreen Soaring initiation fee until receiving an invoice via e-mail.

Flight Fees for Members and visiting SSA pilots

Flight charges and tow fees are subject to state sales tax.  Student  instruction and solo flights are tax exempt.
Club Glider Fee

Unlimited Use: $40 per month*
*By-law 1.6.4 Glider Club Fee: The Glider Fee may be chosen or changed at the beginning of the calendar year or beginning of membership and is paid on a monthly basis.

Limited Use: $60 per flight
Tow fees (below) apply to all glider flights.


Standard Tow Fee

Minimum charge:
A $25 hookup fee for the first 1000 ft. The tow rate above that is variable. It is derived from the formula:
Tow Rate per 100' (above 1000 ft) = $1.71 + ((fuel price) * 0.125).
The tow rate will be adjusted on the 1st of every month based on the fuel price on that day.

06/30/2024 - Current tow rate above 1000' = $2.46 per 100' based on fuel price of $5.98/gallon.

Standard 3000' tow currently costs $74.20.

One Tow Operation FeeMinimum Charge: Elapse tach time x Aero Retrieve Fee
Dual Glider Tow Minimum Charge: 60% of Elapse tach time x Aero Retrieve Fee per glider
This fee applies to a daily operation when only one tow occurs. Elapse tach time is from initial engine start to final engine shutdown (includes taxi, warm up, tow, and return). This fee does not apply to multiple tow operations, weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Demonstration and Introductory Flights, and club sponsored events.
Dual Tow Fee Both pilots pay a $25 hookup fee for the first 1000 ft and 60% of the Tow Rate per 100 ft (above 1000 ft) using the formula above.
Non-member Tow Surcharge $25 per tow ( why a non-member charge?)
Aero Retrieve $215 / tach hour
 Flight Fees SharingTwo club members in good standing may choose to share the flight fees on a 50/50% basis, when flying together in a club two-place aircraft.
Flight Fee sharing includes the Club Glider Fee and the Tow Fee. Each pilot would be billed 50% of all applicable flight fees.
To share the flight fees, the tow card must be filled out with information on both pilots, and both pilots shall sign the tow card.
PIC is responsible for flight and any damage to aircraft.
Both pilots must be in good standing in the club - members on the No-Fly list may not share flight fees.
Glider Rental Fees would be prorated - if the second member on the tow card is on Limited Use Plan, they would be charged a prorated amount of the Glider Rental Fee.
Currency: while the PIC has to be current with the club, By-Laws paragraph 3.2.1 fully applies: the second pilot may not operate the glider during critical phases of flight if they are not current.

Demonstration and Introductory Flight Fees

Demonstration Flight


Additional altitude$20 / 1000 feet

Non-member Surcharge

Why do we have a non-member tow surcharge? The Evergreen Soaring Board of Directors believe that members and non-members alike should fairly share the total costs of aerotowing.

Our club tow rate covers variable towing costs: fuel, oil, tow-plane maintenance; tow line replacement, etc. Fixed costs (hangars, insurance, etc.) are covered by membership dues and average about $20 per tow. It is not a punitive charge. The total cost of a non-member tow is just barely covered.