Evergreen Soaring Dues & Fees

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Evergreen Soaring Membership

Membership Type

Initiation Fee


















New members must be approved by the Evergreen Soaring Board of Directors.  New members will be responsible for paying the initiation fee, first month dues, and if applicable, the Unlimited Use Club Glider Fee.  Please pay upon receipt of an invoice from Evergreen Soaring.  Members are billed each month for dues, glider use fee, and tow fees.  Washington State sales tax is applied to glider use fee and tow fees.  Student instruction and solo flights are tax exempt.


Soaring Society of America (SSA) Membership Required

All Evergreen Soaring members are required to be a current member of the SSA .  Instructions for joining SSA and current dues are available at https://www.ssa.org/HowToJoin

Active Membership

  • Must have an interest in the sport of soaring.

Family Membership

  • Married partner of a Active member.

Student Membership

  • Under 18 years old, or full time undergraduate college student.

Special Membership

  • Special members are active CFIG, tow pilots, and mechanics reviewed and approved annually by the BOD.  *Membership dues are credited for services to the club.

Social Membership

  • Open to previous members, no access to club equipment.




All Members pay Club Glider Fees

Washington State sales tax is applied to glider use fees.  Student instruction and solo flights are tax exempt.


Club Glider Fees (Selected upon joining, then again in January)

  • Unlimited Use Club Glider Fee (no per flight, hourly, or minute charges):  $34/month
  • Limited Use Club Glider Fee (no monthly fee):  $45/flight


By-law 1.6.4 Glider Club Fee: The Glider Fee may be chosen or changed at the beginning of the calendar year or beginning of membership and is paid on a monthly basis.





Tow Fees apply to all glider flights. 

Washington State sales tax is applied to tow fees.


Standard Tow Fee

  • Minimum charge: $20 hookup fee (includes a tow to 1000 feet above airport elevation)
  • Tow Rate per 100 feet above 1000 feet:  $0.80 + (fuel price x .125)

Tow Rate as of 2/1/2022 (100LL at $5.88/gallon):  $1.54/100 feet   Tow Rates may vary month to month if the current price of fuel at time of billing changes the Tow Rate per 100 feet by $0.05 or more.

Example tow fees:  1500 ft = $27.68, 3000 ft = $50.70, 6000 ft = $96.75


Dual Glider Tow Fee

  • Minimum Charge:  $20 hookup fee per glider (includes a tow to 1000 feet above airport elevation)
  • Tow Rate: 60% of the Standard Tow Rate above 1000 feet per glider

Example tow fee:  6000 ft = $66.00/glider, 7000 ft = $75.20/glider


One Tow Operation Fee

  • Minimum Charge:  Elapse tach time x Aero Retrieve Fee
  • Dual Glider Tow Minimum Charge:  60% of Elapse tach time x Aero Retrieve Fee per glider

This fee applies to a daily operation when only one tow occurs.  Elapse tach time from initial engine start to final engine shutdown (includes taxi, warm up, tow, and return). This fee does not apply to multiple tow operations, weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Demonstration and Introductory Flights, and club sponsored events.

Example tow fee:  Amount will vary with altitude and distance from the airfield at glider release.  Estimated tow fee from KAWO to the Cascade Mountains and 7000 ft (approximately 36 minutes):  Single glider tow - $129.00   Dual glider tow - $77.40/glider


Aero Retrieve Fee

  • $215/tach hour



Demonstration and Introductory Flight Fee

  • $140/flight to 3000 ft
  • $20 each additional 1000 ft

Tow fee is included.


Tow Surcharge

  • $20/tow/glider

Must be a current member of SSA and a member of an SSA affiliated club insured by Costello under an SSA group insurance policy.


Explanation of Tow Surcharge

The Evergreen Soaring Board of Directors believe that non-members should share the total cost of aero towing.  Our Standard Tow Fee covers operating costs; fuel, oil, maintenance, towline replacement, etc.  Fixed costs, i.e., rent, annual inspections, insurance, etc, are not included in the tow fee. Our members volunteer time to minimize expenses and pay monthly dues to pay for the fixed costs. The Tow Surcharge covers the expenses not included in the Standard Tow Fee.



Evergreen Soaring Parking Fee Schedule

Go to http://www.evergreensoaring.info/content/evergreen-soaring-trailer-parking-fee-schedule for available glider tie-down positions, trailer parking spaces and fees.


Evergreen Soaring reserves the right to change all dues, rates, and fees without prior notice.


2/1/2022 - Evergreen Soaring Member and Non-member tow fees for the following airports is attached below

  • Arlington Municipal Airport - KAWO
  • Height Above Airport - HAA
  • Ephrata Municipal Airport - KEPH
  • Bergseth Field Airport - WN76
  • Methow Valley State Airport - S52
  • Twisp Municipal Airport - 2S0
  • Hood River Airfield - 4S2


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ES WN76 Tow Rates Feb 2022.pdf80.15 KB
ES S52 Tow Rates Feb 2022.pdf80.53 KB
ES 2S0 Tow Rates Feb 2022.pdf80.97 KB
ES 4S2 Tow Rates Feb 2022.pdf80.75 KB
ES Ferry & Aero-retrieve Rates.pdf31.99 KB