First operation in 2019

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We had our first operation in 2019. For training, perfect weather. Not too cold, no rain and light winds. Ivan was the instructor of the day, David was the Field Manager making sure we had a smooth running operation.

It was not just us who were out flying, the airport was busy with fixed wing, helicopter and even Lear jet traffic. At one point there was a helicopter, an ultra-lite, a hombuild, a glider and me on final. But it all worked out, situational awareness kept us save. I don't think a traffic tower could have handled the traffic any better.

In total we did 17 tows and finished shortly after 4pm. As I was pushing the Pawnee back in the hangar, the first raindrops of the next weather system started to fall.

Thank you all for coming out, it was fun flying with you!