Introductory Lesson

Introductory Lesson

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Evergreen Soaring offers introductory lessons for those who wish to become glider pilots. An introductory lesson gives you an opportunity to experience a glider flight, during which you will learn the basics of a soaring flight and handling the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of a FAA Certificated Glider Flight Instructor.

The cost of an intro lesson is $200 plus tax, which includes at least 30 minutes of ground instruction and one flight to altitude of 3,000 feet above ground. You will also receive a Glider Log Book where your intro lesson will be logged to kick off your glider pilot career. Out of the intro lesson fee, $50 will be credited towards club initiation fee if you apply for club membership within 30 days of the introductory lesson.

The introductory lesson provides an opportunity to experience the club training operations; it is a perfect introduction to soaring for those who consider joining the club.

To schedule an introductory lesson, please use the contact form below; someone from the club will reach out to you to discuss logistics.

You can also redeem a voucher from SSA FAST Program with Evergreen Soaring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? What forms of payment are accepted?

Instroductory lessons are offered for $200 plus tax and include at least 30 minutes of ground instruction and one flight to 3,000 feet above ground. 

Are there weight or height limitations, or age and mobility requirements?

We can accommodate passengers up to 240 pounds in weight and approximately 6 feet 4 inches in height. There is no firm age requirement but children must be able to follow the pilot's directions and be tall enough to see out the window (typically age 10 and up). Some mobility is needed, similar to getting in and out of a deep and somewhat narrow bathtub.

How do I schedule a flight?

Please use the contact form below; someone from the club will reach out to you to discuss logistics.

Soaring is dependent on good weather and our club member volunteers so please be flexible in case we need to postpone or reschedule your flight.

Where are the flights conducted?

At the scheduled day and time of your flight please meet in front of the Arlington Municipal Airport office on the east side of the field at 18204 59th Dr NE in Arlington. You'll be escorted out to the glider operations area from there. A map of the airport is available at the following link.

Arlington Municipal Airport Map

Please note that Google Maps and other online mapping services will direct you to the wrong side of the airport on the northwest ramp. If you want to use Google Maps to navigate, search instead for "Ellie's At The Airport" which is next door to the airport office building.

What should I bring?

Bring a hat (no caps with buttons on top are allowed), sunscreen, sunglasses and some water. A small point-and-shoot or smartphone camera is usually a good idea too, along with cash or check for the flight.

Who can I contact with additional questions or for help with scheduling?

Please submit your inquiry through the "Contact Us" form below.






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