Jordan Ridge, Bryant Hill and Sultan Ridge

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It may not affect thermalling potential or terrain recognition but the US Board of Geographic Names has just approved the names of several features that are of interest to pilots flying out of Arlington:

Jordan Ridge - the ridge about 7 miles east of AWO - is now an official name (this makes our colloquial name official).

Bryant Hill replaces "Mount Washington" as the name for the hill just west of Stimson Hill. The Bryant logging company logged the area before being taken over by the Stimson logging company. There are still the Bryant community, Bryant Lake and the historic Bryant Country Store. This name change leaves only 2 Mount Washingtons in Washington State.

Sultan Ridge is the new name for the former "Blue Mountain" north of the city of Sultan. This eliminates confusion with the Blue Mountain that forms the south side of the Jim Creek Naval Radio Facility. This ridge is the usual approach to Mount Stickney for us.

This naming effort has been several years in the making and was an interesting experience in dealing with government bureaucracy and inertia. Now, if we can just get every pilot to acknowledge Bryant Hill and Sultan Ridge…