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Terms and Conditions


Your signature of the Membership Application Signifies Your Agreement with
Evergreen Soaring Terms And Conditions


Evergreen Soaring Club herein referred to as (ESC), is a glider-flying club. The intent of this club is to provide soaring facilities (including aircraft and tow planes) for its members on a non-profit basis and to encourage their access to good quality equipment and a safe environment to fly sailplanes.

As a club, ESC is made up of members who are either currently glider pilots or are interested in becoming glider pilots. The club does not have employees and therefore relies upon the talents and hard work of its members to provide the environment to allow its members to safely and efficiently fly gliders. Volunteerism is a key aspect of being an ESC member.

While ESC is not a flying school, it endeavors to provide flight instruction for members who are not yet rated in gliders, with the intention of assisting non glider pilots to obtain their glider pilot ratings as well as learn to soar cross-country.

Expectations of Being a Member

Like other forms of aviation, glider flying is an expensive hobby. In the interest of safety, members are expected to become and remain proficient glider pilots. Safe flying habits include flying on a regular basis (monthly) so that piloting skills do not deteriorate. ESC relies upon its members to keep their skills sharp and operate the club’s aircraft in a safe manner, always.

To that end, the following expectations come with joining and remaining a member of ESC:

  • For rated pilots, the member is expected to remain an active and proficient pilot and use of the club’s gliders will require certain on-going proficiency checks. Members joining the club who are not “current” related to 14 CFR 61.56 are expected to immediately work toward becoming current.
  • For unrated pilots (no glider rating), at the time of joining, the new member is prepared both financially and time wise to obtain their glider rating. ESC does not desire to have members who are not actively flying.
    • To that end, the club expects that a non-rated pilot will begin flying with the club upon joining and will accomplish getting rated within 18 months of joining (at the latest).
  • As the primary source of ESC Operating Income comes from Dues, Glider Rental and Tow Fees, the member is expected to commit to paying these fees monthly for a minimum of 12 months upon joining. Ongoing payment of Dues is a requirement for all members who wish to utilize club facilities (Tow Planes, tiedowns) even when they are primarily using their own gliders.
    • Members who choose to discontinue their participation within their first 12 months of joining the club will forfeit their club Initiation Fee and relinquish their membership.
  • ESC expects timely payment of outstanding fees (monthly). Fees in arrears 90 or more days will result in suspension or termination of membership.

Service to the club

As an all-volunteer organization, ESC aspires to provide club equipment (gliders and tow planes) and frequent flight operations to its members, year around. This requires member participation for every aspect of club operations.

  • Support of ESC Flight Operations by its members requires Flight Instructors, Tow Pilots and Field Managers. Based upon their abilities, members are expected to participate in club operations on a voluntary basis. General members (Non-Flight Instructors or Tow Pilots) who pay Monthly Glider Rental Fees are required to volunteer to work as a Field Manager as outlined in the club’s Bylaws. (Failure to do so may result in penalties levied on a quarterly basis).
  • In an attempt to keep the cost of flying down, members with special skills may be requested to assist with various club jobs (Board of Director positions, supervised glider maintenance, ship captains, etc).
  • Disassembly and/or reassembly of the club’s gliders is required to move equipment to different operational sites. Members are expected to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in these and other work parties.

ESC provides a club style of flying for its members. Unlike the typical FBO (Power Flying) approach which is to schedule the aircraft (and instructor), show up, fly, and pay your money and leave. ESC is a flying club which strives to provide its members with both the equipment to fly, as well as a social environment around the sport of Soaring. To remain viable, it must conduct itself as a business, but it offers the active member a more social environment around flying gliders. This works for some people and not for others. New members are encouraged to think carefully about what this means regarding their commitment before applying for membership.

Fill out the form as fully as possible. Please be accurate and specific. Do not use all-caps. Ensure your contact information is correct.

Any missing or omitted information may delay processing of your application. 

Personal Information
Emergency Contact
Membership Requested

see rates and fees page for more information.

If applying for Student Membership

List the school you are currently a full-time student at

see rates and fees page for more information. Generally, if you plan on training to obtain your pilot license with the club, Monthly Glider Rental is the option you should select.

SSA membership is required to join Evergreen Soaring and is applicant's responsibility. You may apply online at
SSA membership required to fly club aircraft; bring SSA membership card or on-line receipt.
In many cases, a follow up call/email to SSA will produce an SSA number ahead of SSA membership packet via mail.
Please have the SSA number available and specified at the time of Membership Application - the application will not be processed without current SSA number.

Flight Time

If you participate in Online Contest, please considering listing a link to your OLC flightbook.

Membership Application approval is subject to receipt of the Initiation Fee and first months dues. Do not pay the initiation fee until you receive an invoice from Evergreen Soaring. Once accepted to Evergreen Soaring membership, we expect all members to pay dues and fees promptly upon receipt of their statement. Membership is on an annual basis, although billing is monthly or bi-monthly. Please maintain current contact information with the Board of Directors. All relevant club information is available at


By signature below I acknowledge that:

- the information provided has been done so truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.

- I accept the Terms and Conditions of Evergreen Soaring.



I am aware that flying involves risks including, but not limited to, the chance that I may be injured by the equipment used in the operation of a glider or through negligence on the part of Evergreen Soaring, its members or agents, or in the event of an aircraft accident.

I do hereby assume all risks and will hold Evergreen Soaring, its members, agents, and assigns harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever which may arise from or in connection with my flight or my participation in other activities with Evergreen Soaring.

I further intend that this release shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for my heirs, executor and administrators and for all members of my family.

Should any part of this release be struck down as contrary to the laws of the State of Washington, I agree to be held to the terms of those parts which survive.

I have read the above release and agree to all its terms as part of my contract with Evergreen Soaring.

(For Release by Minors)

I have read the above release and agree that the above minor of whom I am parent or legal guardian may consent to be held to all of its terms.

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