Region 8 Competition in 2013

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From June 30 to July 6 the Seattle Glider Council hosted again the Region 8 championships in Ephrata.


Competition director Ron Bellamy


(The Sports Authority)

and operation manager Gary Paulin


(dancing with sailplanes)

and the rest of the contest staff made sure, that it was a safely and efficiently run contest. 
It was well attended – 29 sailplanes competing in three classes.

r5-400x225.jpgBesides the Sports class there was the combined Standard and 15 meter class and the combined 18 meter and Open class.   All classes were evaluated with the Sports class handicap factors.
After the practice day on June 30 the competitors had to wait out 2 days of hot and almost stable weather that led to cancellation of the tasks but the next four were contest days with improving conditions.  The last day had the best conditions and resulted in the fastest speeds achieved:  Nelson Funston was the fastest in his Nimbus 4M with 78.53 mph (60.08 mph handicapped) while Mike Newgard in his Ventus was almost as fast with 77.96 mph and had the fastest handicapped speed with 70.09 mph.  There were few outlandings and no damages.
Towing was provided by two C182s and two Pawnees.  This included the Evergreen Pawnee 17Z flown by Chris Kasprowic and Bruce Byrkett.  

r6-400x239.jpgOn Sunday July 7 Bruce flew 17Z back to Arlington, restoring our tow plane fleet.

The Std/ 15M class was won by Stu Larrimore (ASW-27) over Mike Newgard who took first in the last two days but could not quite catch Stu (because of his last minute speed tape job?).


 r7-400x273.jpgIn the 18M/ Open class it was a tight race between Greg Mecklenburg (ASW-29/18) and Tim Martin (DG-808B/18) that Greg won by19 points (out of 3821).  Craig Funston won the last day and beat his dad Nelson for third place.  Sports class was won handily by Lynn Wyman (Pik-20D) who won three of the four days and upheld the honor of the host club.


r8-400x159.jpgAnd on July 4 the traditional dinner was provided by Ron Piercy who brought his awe inspiring BBQ trailer to feed the crowd.

There were no outlandings that day and everybody was able to enjoy the BBQ ribs and chicken.

Altogether it was another successful and friendly contest thanks to a competent and highly experienced competition team.

        photos:  Kathleen McCrary