Thoughts and Resolutions for 2018

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Ron Clark     Idaho, Montana, Oregon... which way do I want to go/

Brad Hill     How do I make the Tetra into a gun paltaform?

Dan Housler     Hi guys, I haven't seen you for a while.

Thomas Van de Velde     Develop a personal thermal predicting app to beat Ron  

Fred Hermanspann     Get the Chinook into the air again.

Movses Babayan     Which glider do I want to fly today?

Neal Karman     Where did I put that wig?

Kathleen McCrary     What picture will make it on the cover or onto the centerfold of SOARING?

Mike Delany     How can I  unlock the spoilers w/o the student noticing?

Ron Bellamy     I need a front seat checkout!

Chris Klix     Why do they always want their annuals when I want to fly?

Mike Talley     Why doesn't anybody want to fly the 1-26?

Craig Funston     How do I beat my dad?

Charlei Lonley     What this club really need is a donut cooker!


to be continued...