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Evergreen Soaring is a not-for-profit flying club operating in Washington State. We fly gliders, also known as sailplanes, and have joined together to own and operate the aircraft and equipment needed to enjoy our sport.

We are an association of diverse individuals with one thing in common: the love of soaring.

We operate out of the Arlington airport (near Seattle, Washington) year round. During the summer months, we keep some of our gliders in Ephrata (eastern Washington state). We also try to organize weekend trips to nearby airports like Concrete and Green Valley at least a couple of times each year. We promote the advancement of our members in the FAA licensing process, and provide cross country experience for those who wish it.

As a volunteer organization, we rely on club members to run the flight operation, fly the towplane, perform some of the maintenance on club aircraft, and participate in all facets of club operations, keeping costs low. Our members have a range of experience, from student pilots to competition pilots. Most of our members hold Private Pilot certificates, but we have a growing number of Commercial Pilots and Flight Instructors.


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Club Fleet

Evergreen Soaring operates a fleet of two towplanes and six gliders. With two powerful tugs and a diverse mix of primary trainer to advanced cross-country capable gliders, members have access to aircraft that best suits their needs.

Schedule a Demo Ride!

A glider demo ride will offer you the thrill of a lifetime!

Evergreen Soaring offers several types of demonstration flights for those who wish to experience soaring in unpowered gliders. Flights are conducted at the Arlington Municipal Airport.

You'll fly with an FAA-certificated Commercial Pilot in a two-place glider, starting with an aerotow behind the Piper Pawnee tow plane. The flight will last anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes depending on the flight option selected and soaring conditions.

Introductory Lesson

Evergreen Soaring offers introductory lessons for those who wish to become glider pilots. An introductory lesson gives you an opportunity to experience a glider flight, during which you will learn the basics of a soaring flight and handling the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of a FAA Certificated Glider Flight Instructor.

Club Membership

Club Membership provides you with access to Club Fleet, Instruction and Towing, as well as vibrant community of fellow soaring pilots. 

Learning to Fly

Evergreen Soaring provides free flight instruction for members. Glider pilots are licensed by the FAA, just like powered aircraft pilots. You'll learn to control the glider safely and precisely, navigate, and develop a basic understanding of weather and other aviation topics.

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