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Evergreen at Darrington and Twisp

The annual Evergreen encampment in Darrington which is predicated on the EAA Fly-In at Arlington which makes normal glider operations there impossible started on July 7 with a double tow of the L-23 (264BA with Paul A. and Tom Flandro) and the Chinook to Darrington. The L-33 (CT) and the Twin Astir followed on the road, as did a number of private owners with their ships (Ron Clark, Brad Hill, Travis Brown).

Two new competition sailplanes, made in USA

Earlier this year, at the annual SSA convention taking place in Reno, quite a number of Seattle glider pilots had the opportunity to inspect the unfinished prototype of the Duckhawk. This elegant 15m racer was designed by Greg Cole of Windward Performance and is the first full size glider built entirely of prepreg graphite composite (similar to the 12.6m Sparrowhawk, also designed by Greg Cole). In the mean time the Duckhawk has been finished and test flown.

WBC Update

With Dan Housler's awesome flight on May 26 and some other additions, here is an update of the WBC 2012. Dan's flight went over both, Glacier Peak and Mount Baker. Over Mount Baker Dan surprised a group of 4 climbers and shot this stunning picture, which also made it onto the King 5 TV web site.

Ephrata 2012 Dust-Up - The Student Experience

This year's Annual Ephrata Dust Up replaced the straight-up competition format with one that put an emphasis on learning and mentoring. An important part of this new format was dual-ship cross-country student mentoring featuring three glass ships and several very experienced cross-country pilots.

Evergreen Happenings

There has not been too much XC flying for the last month in Arlington as the center of activity shifted to the Eastside and Ephrata (Dust-Up, ES encampment and Region 8 contest) but nonetheless a number of noteworthy events have taken place over here.

Two-seat XC Soaring

Last year Evergreen made use of an advantageous offer to purchase a G103 (Twin Astir) from Tony Wiederkehr with the express idea to use this medium performance two-seat glass ship for XC flying (training, transition and contest). It is a capable XC flyer with an OLC index of 92 compared with our sedate L-23s with an index of 76. Now that all the paperwork is taken care of and the landing gear problems are resolved (thanks Gary!) it is beginning to live up to its intended purpose.

Start of the 2012 XC Season

Despite a very wet March we have now seen a few good days and last Saturday - April 7 - was the best yet. Daniel Dyck took one of our L-33s up to 9000 ft during a 3 hour flight and Mike Berwald entered his first OLC flight with a 2 hour flight in the other L-33. And a whole armada of fiberglass sailplanes went exploring to the Northeast where the best conditions were with a number of personal best performances for this year. In the end Btrad Hill maintained the lead in the 2012 WBC, a further endorsement of his new Tetra.

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